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I swear I’ve seen a picture of tegan quin with a wing but I cannot for the life of me find it if anyone can link me to it or tell me where to find it or even just verify that she once did have elaborate eye makeup and I’m not crazy that would be vvv helpful :)

This one?


1 out of every 10 teens is gay. Unless you’re at a Tegan and Sara concert, then 1 out of every 10 teens is watching Tegan and Sara and questioning their sexuality. The other 9 are flaming homosexuals.

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Anonymous said: I'm confused. whats all this 'emy should i stop' business? wheres it from?

From the Tegan and Sara song Knife going in off the album The Con.

Anonymous said: Why is the "emy should i stop" thing so bad? Can you explain the whole thing to me?

My opinion on why that line specifically is so devastating may differ from others. I think that it is so absolutely soul crushing because for the most part, Sara’s lyrics and lines are beautiful but intentionally vague and aloof. You get a sense that she has been crushed, but in that moment where she was so specific to mention Emy by name, not only in passing but in the form of a question, you also become crushed under the same weight Sara so clearly held. Sara was so lost for words on her fear and sadness, that she couldnt even stand to mask it with misleading lyrics of loss. Instead she asks Emy a question, we as listeners just happen to be able to hear it. 


Sara is ‘kinda sassy’. (x)


Sara is ‘kinda sassy’. (x)

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Tegan: The other day we saw, Sara sent me, I don’t go on Instagram, but Sara sent me this really funny like snapshot of fans talking about our new record and this one girl was like “Do what I do, I just imagine they’re dead”. and I was like, “that they die after Sainthood”. Because she doesn’t like our record that much that she has to imagine we’re dead and I told my mom and we laughed until we cried. I’m not that invested in anything. I don’t even know if I’m even that invested in my own band that I would Imagine I was dead because I had done something that I didn’t- I made mistakes in the past, I don’t imagine I was dead. So I guess my opinion about all things is that, I hope that you’re happy, I hope all of us are just doing something that feels really great, because it could be over tomorrow. It could be over in 5 minutes and I’m just making decisions that make me happy, then if it doesn’t make you happy, then imagine we’re dead.

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